Monday, 6 January 2014

The Top 5 Coffee Machines Available

Coffee Beans
A coffee maker allows people to prepare the finest cups of coffee without any complications. Citizens of developed countries do not necessarily make coffee for themselves since they have coffee machines. It has made life easy and convenient in the fast developing nations where people work for over 15 hours a day.

Modern coffee machines have added accessories and features to accommodate coffee beans and crisps. The following are the top 5 coffee machines available for UK consumers.

1. Capresso 464.05 Coffee Team

This machine is highly valued and recommended by millions of coffee users because of its advanced features and appearance. It can prepare 10 cups of coffee and features a burr grinder. It is programmable, which means the user can set the machine according to personal preference. This machine gives users the option to make strong or mild coffee.

2. Breville Barista Express

This coffee machine is luxurious because of its incredible and intuitive features. It supports a 1450-watt heating system that makes it one of the best espresso machines with a remarkable burr grinder. It has automatic settings and advanced digital technology to give the user the power to control the machine in whatever way. Its external beauty and amazing functionality can add value in the kitchen.

3. KRUPS KM 7000

This coffee machine is of high quality and it’s programmed to support 1000 watts. It can make a maximum of 10 cups of delicious coffee. The settings on the coffee maker can be changed digitally. For example, it can prepare minimal quantities of coffee by adjusting the settings for 2,4,6,8 or 10 cups. It has an automatic burr grinder, which is conical shaped, and has five different settings for the grind levels. It also has a brew pause button which saves time. It`s perfect for homeowners and offices because it does not make any sound when in use.

Coffee Maker
4. Grind and Brew Coffee Maker by Cuisinart

This is an amazing coffee maker with a grinder that allows users to prepare coffee as it grinds the beans before they are ready for brewing. It supports a double wall metal unit with insulated walls to sustain approximately 10 cups of warm coffee for about 11 hours. It has excellent European design. It’s programmed to make coffee within minutes.

The machine also has a paper filter that has improved the brewing process and a patent pour through lid, which makes coffee serving very easy. It comes with a manual for new owners. It’s exceptionally perfect for the offices because of its speed and convenience.

5. Saeco Auto Drip Coffee Maker with Burr Grinder

This coffee machine has exquisite features such as the 12 coffee cups with a built-in burr grinder. It’s a modern coffee machine, which allows users to program the control panel fitted with a large LCD display. The water tank can sustain 12 cups of water and has a swing out filter basket and removable filter inner basket for fast loading and removal of coffee berries.

This machine is purely amazing because when brewing the coffee is complete the machine automatically shuts off. Its self programmed which is considered excellent for families with small children.

Coffee making machines are not only convenient and a time saver, but they are also popular household appliances amongst the majority of homes. They are constantly used so need to be in the best condition possible to maintain optimum performance. One factors that can reduce the performance of a coffee machine is limescale, so ensure that you reduce the amount of limescale build up by using a coffee machine descaler on a regular basis, so that you can enjoy the best cup of coffee every time.

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