Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Guide On How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Coffee, a natural alarm clock for some, insomnia cause for many. Though many people drink coffee for different purposes, all of it is related to the effects of caffeine content in it. Whether you need a shock to wake you up from your early morning slumber or whenever you need to stay focused on those late nights, caffeine is the thing, which one could and should always depend on. This black liquid has been around for ages making even the most bleary eyed people up and running for the next few hours. The question of how to make the perfect cup of coffee is not just all about keeping boiling water and coffee powder in a pot. There's a lot more to brewing coffee and that's something we are going to discuss about today. So lets get on and find out how to make the perfect cup of coffee that will rejuvenate and re-energize you.

Funny as it might seem, there have been extensive researches by elite universities like MIT and Cambridge on what is to be considered as a perfect cup of coffee. Looking on those papers we found that 18% - 22% of coffee powder extraction along with 1.15% - 1.35% of brew strength is generally considered as the perfect range for the perfect morning cup of coffee, or a cup of coffee for any time of the day. Confounded by these facts? Well even we were, but fortunately we got some of the experts to explain us what those statements meant.

Extraction is the process wherein coffee particles are extracted from dry ground powder. The brew strength is a terminology used by chemistry experts to convey the amount of coffee actually dissolved in the final preparation. So if you are having a coffee within the said parameters then you are supposed to have the perfect cup of coffee in your hands. But still these statements sound a lot more like a boring chemistry lecture. So lets talk in layman terms rather than scientific ones.

First off make sure you have a great quality of coffee beans. The beans must be roasted perfectly although the preference for light or dark roasting is a subjective topic. If you want to taste the flavour of beans in your coffee a light roast will do, but stronger and more effective coffee comes only with dark roast. Also make sure you grind the beans just before you brew a cup. This prevents the powder from losing their flavour due to exposure to air.

Use airtight containers to store the roasted beans. Keep them away from sunlight as it catalyses the flavour loss. It is also recommended that you roast coffee beans at the most a week or two before brewing them. Maintain the ratio between coffee powder and water at 1:17. Experts believe this ratio provides a perfect flavour to your coffee and is also very effective in waking you up. When brewing try and keep the temperature at around 90-94 degrees Celsius. If you are a purist when it comes to your morning cuppa you would really be interested to keep the temperature constant and within the said range. Too hot and the coffee will become sour, too cold and you will not receive the desired flavour.
One final point we want to make for you lads and lassies out there is that coffee brewing isn't rocket science. And you certainly receive a lot of opportunities to brew, so use trial and error methods and find what suits you the best.

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