Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Descaling A Coffee Maker - A Vital Element of Cleansing Coffee Makers

Thinking of Descaling Your Coffee Maker

Having a nice cup of coffee is what the majority of us do on a daily basis, whether it is a 'wake me up' coffee in the morning, an afternoon coffee with your neighbour or a relaxing coffee after a hard days work. But have you made yourself a coffee using your coffee maker and realised that it doesn't taste quite right? The reason for that could be down to your coffee maker, if you take a look inside your coffee maker you may find deposits, which are off-white and chalky in appearance. These deposits are limescale deposits. If you have limescale deposits in your coffee maker or kettle, then it is time to use a descaling solution to clean your appliances and get them to fully working order again.

Descaling Solutions To Desale Your Coffee Maker

Ensuring that your kitchen appliances are clean and fully functioning is an often a task that is disregarded in many households. But over time, the process of descaling coffee makers and other appliances needs to be carried out. The formation of limescale within appliances is caused by calcium build-ups found in hard water, and with over 60% of UK homes being situated in hard water areas, limescale build up is inevitable over time. It is this build up that can affect the quality of coffee and tea made, as your appliances are not working at their best performance. Nevertheless, a descaling solution should keep your appliances such as coffee makers and kettles limescale free and performing at their best.

What are limescale deposits you may ask, well limescale deposits are a build up of nutrients such as calcium and magnesium (which are found in hard water) developing inside your appliances, and over time, these nutrients can clog and block filters, pipes and other appliance components so they stop functioning all together. But cleaning and descaling your coffee maker on a regular basis through the use of suitable and reliable descaling solutions can maintain appliances for years to come.

Thankfully, the process of descaling your coffee maker isn't a challenging process, and can be done using a range of home made descaling solutions, or solutions that you can buy from your local supermarket. Some home made solutions include using ingredients such as white vinegar or citric acid.
Calcium has a PH rating which ranges between 9 & 12, making it soluble in acidic liquids, making white vinegar and citric acids an ideal descaling solution. In addition to this, these descaling solutions are extremely cheap yet have powerful effects when descaling a coffee maker. Using homemade descaling solutions to clean your coffee maker can provide high quality results by following this step-by-step guide...

- Fill your coffee maker up to the halfway point with white vinegar or citric acid.

- Then run a brewing cycle or boil your kettle if you are cleaning a kettle.

- Repeat this process a couple of times to ensure the limescale deposits are broken down.

- Then rinse out your coffee maker or kettle with water to rid the appliances of white vinegar or citric acid.

If you intend to use a supermarket brand to carry out the limescale removal, ensure that you read the instructions on the packaging carefully to ensure you carry out the process properly. There are a number of descaling solutions available, which may come with different instructions. Also, ensure that you choose the correct descaling solution from the supermarket, as there are specific descaling solutions for different appliances in your home, using the wrong solution may result in additional damage to your coffee maker.

Experts in the limescale removal field suggest that descaling your coffee maker or kettle is a process, which should happen on a month-to-month basis. This is to ensure that your coffee maker is performing at your best, which will not only produce the best tasting coffee possible, it can also save you a bit of money on electricity, as appliances will use more electricity if they need to over perform.

The descaling process of you coffee maker is one which requires little time to carry out, yet produces high quality results which will ensure you always get the best tasting coffee from your coffee maker.

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