Friday, 12 April 2013

How Descaling Can Remove Limescale and Ensure a Perfect Cup of Coffee Everytime

Prolonging the Life of your Coffee Maker by using Decalcifiers and a Descaler

Kitchen appliances such as your coffee maker are used on a regular basis during your daily routine. Whether it is a morning coffee before work or an afternoon coffee with some friends, over time, the performance levels of your coffee maker will begin to decrease. One of the most common causes of coffe makers to under perform is down to the build up of limescale deposits within the appliance. Limescale is formed due to calcium and minerals in hardwater , and with the 60% of the UK being hard water areas, it is inevitable that appliances will become affected by limescale over time. This article will give you a guide on one method to cleaning your coffee maker, using a vinegar solution. Which will rid your appliance of limescale deposits.

How to Remove Limescale from your Coffee Maker...

All coffee makers are prone to scale build-up even if you wash them regularly after use. Limescale from hard water will deposit on the sides of your coffee maker over time.

Most manufacturers will provide directions on how to remove the scales and ensure that your machine runs well. A Coffee machine descaler works to dissolve the build-up which ordinary water and soap cannot do. It is advisable to descale your coffee maker about twice a month to keep it in good working condition and ensure that every pot of coffee turns out tasty and pure. You may wonder how to remove lime scales without much fuss or expense. Vinegar is probably the best, cheapest and the safest option to start with.

The acidic properties of vinegar work quickly against limescale deposits. They not only dislodge limescale but also old dregs of coffee, oil, and dirt.

Depending on the type of coffee maker, pour some vinegar solution into your coffee pot and run it for a few minutes. The vinegar solution is a common home limescale remover, which is used by a number of households. You can clean the coffee filter separately with soap solution and a gentle brush to remove particles obstructing the holes.

Repeating the process using vinegar for a few times will ensure the vinegar not only break down all your limescale, but will also remove limescale.

Finally, run clear water through the machine to flush out the vinegar and the pungent odour. You may also have to do this a few times. Dry your machine before the next use.

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